Effective Technical Writing

Date: To Be Announced


The course develops an awareness of and skill in writing about technical subjects, so that written communication is clear and easy to understand.

As the course progresses the training content can be tailored  specifically to focus in on areas that require improvement for the participants. This approach ensures that training achieves a maximum return on investment.

Examples of areas where improvement in the quality of technical publications are of significant benefit are;

  • Technical proposals for Internal & External New Product Development funding
  • Technical submissions for Government R&D funding & Tax Credits
  • Technical reports for internal and external publication
  • Technical submissions for European sources of funding

The two day course comprises a combination of lectures and workshops.


• Create a logical, well-argued structure for any piece of communication
• Write clear paragraphs and sentences with greater ease
• Correct and edit difficult sections of text
• Make use of the conventions governing the basic forms in the technical genre
• Produce communicative tables and figures and use layout effectively in a document
• Use punctuation correctly
• Avoid the most common grammatical errors

Who Should Attend?

Technical Professionals

Course Content

Development Strategies

• Forming a Point of View
• Identifying Audiences and Purposes
• The Writing Process
• Team Writing

Skill in Writing

• Creating a Simple Structure
• Using Parallelism
• Writing Paragraphs
• Editing for Emphasis

Forms of Professional Communication

• The Writing Cycle – From Pre-Feasibility to Documentation
• Basic features of a Report
• The Proposal and Terms of Reference
• Design Reports
• Documentation

Production Elements

• Visual Aids
• Proof-Reading
• A Guide to Punctuation and Gramma

Course Fee

325 Euro per Person (Ex. VAT)

Please contact the Network Manager, Catherine Lenehan
(e-mail: catherine.lenehan@gltechnology.ie).

This fee includes all course materials & refreshments.

Eligibility for Job Seekers

Job-seekers can participate in Skillnets training programmes subject to the eligibility criteria listed at the following link;



Please register for attendance at the course by contacting the Network Manager, Catherine Lenehan by e-mail:  catherine.lenehan@gltechnology.ie

Contact & Directions

This course will be held in Dublin. Please contact us if accommodation is required.


The training course instructor is Miriam O’Regan with more than 20 years experience in
Technical Writing training and is a recognised expert in the subject.

Course Syllabus

Please e-mail: catherine.lenehan@gltechnology.ie for a copy of the course syllabus available on request.


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