Effective Production Planning & MRP

Date: To be Announced


This course introduces the various stages of production planning and the relationship between each stage. Participants will learn the interdependencies of each stage and the importance of considering available capacities. Appropriate strategies for everyday application will be developed including some important inventory control techniques. For example the principles and application of Just-in-Time and Kanban will be examined in detail.

The understanding and use of MRPI as a tool in planning is a core element of the course. The development of MRPI as part of MRPII and ERP will be explained and put into context. Participants will understand the benefits and pitfalls of using MRP and the degree to which it can be used in support of a manual system. Emphasis will be placed on combining theory with practical application therefore a combination of short lectures, individual & group discussions and exercises will be used

The two day course comprises a combination of lectures and workshops.


  • Understand the stages of production planning and how they may be managed.
  • Examine the negative implications of poor production planning.
  • Assess the interrelationships between production planning and inventory planning.
  • Explore some basic inventory management concepts and techniques.
  • Understanding and be able to apply effective capacity planning techniques.
  • Understand the MPS and how it ties into MRPI
  • Appreciate the differences between MRPI, MRPII and ERP
  • Practice capacity planning application
  • Understand the concept of just-in-time
  • Understand the concept and application of Kanban
  • Appreciate the importance of employee involvement

Who Should Attend?

Technical Professionals

Course Content

The Strategic Importance of Planning and Inventory Management Principles

  • Objectives of Materials Management
  • Effects on Capital Employed
  • Stockholding Costs
  • Stock Turnover
  • ABC Classification
  • Lead Time Definitions

Medium to Long Term Planning

  • Types of Production Systems
  • Production Planning Objectives
  • Consequences of Poor Planning
  • Planning Horizons
  • Developing the Master Production schedule (MPS)
  • Strategies for Smoothing Demand

Medium to Short Term Planning

  • Materials Requirements Planning (MRPI)
  • Planning Inputs and Outputs
  • Capacity Planning
  • The Importance of Data Accuracy
  • Shop Floor scheduling and Control
  • The Control Process and Importance of Feedback

Production Planning and Just-in-Time

  • Internal and External Customer/Supplier Relationships
  • Principles of Just-in-Time – Waste Elimination
  • Kanban – Understanding and Application
  • The Importance of Employee Involvement

Course Fee

TBD Euro per Person (Ex. VAT) for Space Industry Skillnet Members

Please contact the Network Manager, Catherine Lenehan
(e-mail: catherine.lenehan@gltechnology.ie).

This fee includes all course materials & refreshments.


Please register for attendance at the course by contacting the Network Manager, Catherine Lenehan by e-mail:  catherine.lenehan@gltechnology.ie

Contact & Directions

This course will be held in Dublin. Please contact us if accommodation is required.


The training course is provided through the Association of Purchasing and Supply

Course Syllabus

Please e-mail: catherine.lenehan@gltechnology.ie for a copy of the course syllabus available on request.


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