ESA Proposal Writing Workshop

Date: 2018 – To Be Announced 

Venue: Midlands Innovation & Research Centre, Athlone IT

Overview – ESA Proposal Writing Workshop

This workshop provides instruction in the fundamentals of how to write a good technical and contractual proposal in repsonse to an ESA Invitation to Tender.  The basic concepts and principles of the ESA proposal writing process are stressed. The participant is introduced to relevant publications that require and guide good proposal
writing.  Contractual requirements as well as Technical aspects are covered. The workshop combines expert instruction and a strong interactive  practical approach and in enough detail to give the participant a working knowledge of proposal writing techniques and how they are accomplished in practice. Practical exercises are used by the participants in groups to develop their knowledge of what are the essential elements of a successful proposal. This workshop establishes a foundation for the participant to approach ESA proposal writing with confidence

Objectives – ESA Proposal Writing Workshop

The workshop is designed to provide the participant with an understanding of:

  • Key role of a well balanced proposal team
  • The importance of knowing the technical, contractual & financial requirements of ESA ITT documents prior to embarking on a proposal
  • The advanced preparation that should be performed
  • What internal reviews are necessary and useful
  • The techniques which enable anyone to write a powerfully convincing and easily read proposal that is compliant with the requirements of the ESA ITT
  • The key points to focus on for a successful review & maximum marks from the ESA Tender Evaluation Board.

Who should Attend? –  ESA Proposal Writing Workshop

The workshop is aimed at anyone who may have to be involved in preparing for, writing, or reviewing a proposal in response to an ITT from ESA  including marketing, bid managers, department managers, engineers, commercial, project control, and cost engineers.

Outline – ESA Proposal Writing Workshop

  • How to do Business with ESA
  • Tender Procedure and Overall Structure of Proposal
  • Technical Proposal
  • Management Proposal
  • Contractual and Financial proposal
  • Review of Case Study Proposals
  • Presentation of TEB Assessment of Case Study Proposals

How You Will Learn It

  • Interactive Verbal instruction using Power Point
  • Case studies
  • Group exercises & problem solving

What You will Take Away

  • The course binder with all presentations
  • A selected set of documents
  • All course documents on USB key where possible
  • Certificate of Course Completion

Course Instructors:

The instructors are experienced technical and contractual staff from ESA.

Structure – ESA Proposal Writing Workshop

The course is organised in two main sessions delivered over two days:

  • Day 1 – A presentation session on ESA Proposal Writing
  • Day 2 – A practical workshop with participant reading & scoring of Case Study proposals and the presentation of the ESA TEB Assessment of the Case Study proposals

You may download a copy of the agenda here: ESA Proposal Writing Workshop Agenda

Course Fee – ESA Proposal Writing Workshop

The fees for the 2 day ESA Proposal Writing Workshop are;

€100 per Participant

This fee includes all course materiial and lunches and course drinks
reception on Tuesday evening in Front Square – TCD.



Please register for attendance at the course by sending a completed ESA Proposal Writing Workshop Booking Form to the Network Manager, Catherine Lenehan by e-mail:

Contact & Directions

Participants requiring assistance with directions to the Physics Department at Trinity College in Dublin should contact the Network Manager,

Please find detailed directions at


There is a wide variety of accomodation in Dublin to suit all levels of taste & expense.

You can find out more about accomodation & places of interest and places to eat at


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