IPC-610E Certified IPC Trainer Course

Date: On Going – Please Contact Network Manager for Latest Course Dates


The IPC-A-610E standard is the most widely recognised and accepted standard ever published by the IPC for the PCB assembly industry. After your trainers are certified to this specification, they will be qualified to teach and certify individuals in the IPC-A-610E standard. This training program provides comprehensive accept/defect criteria for all three classes of assembly production.

Course Objectives

Certified IPC Trainer candidates are referred by their employers to complete four days of training in the IPC-A-610E standard. After completion of this course and upon passing the written assessments, Certified IPC Trainers are qualified to train and certify personnel in a modular IPC-A-610E Certified IPC Specialist training program on the IPC standard.

Who Should Attend Certified IPC Training?

Anyone who is responsible for product quality and reliability would benefit from becoming a Certified IPC trainer. Trainers, QA, QC, engineering, supervisors or managers versed in electronic assembly make excellent candidates.

Course Outline

  • IPC training program policies
  • Define the purpose, interpretation and use of IPC-A-610E
  • Recognise proper handling and ESD requirements
  • Identify acceptable mechanical assembly requirements
  • Recognise the requirements for component installation
  • Terminal connections
  • Identify the requirements for soldering assemblies including Lead free assemblies
  • Cleanliness requirements
  • Marking requirements
  • Laminate conditions requirements
  • Component damage
  • High voltage applications
  • Discrete wiring assembly requirements
  • Surface mount assembly requirements
  • Training skills and responsibilities of Certified IPC Trainers

Certified IPC Trainer Benefits

This program provides Certified IPC Trainers and their companies with a valuable internationally industry-recognised credential. After completing the course, candidates will be certified through IPC and authorised to provide high quality, effective training and certification to personnel at your facility to the Certified IPC Specialist level. Each Certified IPC Trainer graduate receives:

What do you take away with you from the course?

  • An instructor manual providing complete directions for Certified IPC Specialist training, testing and certification:
  • PowerPoint slides illustrating every aspect of the IPC-A-610E series document and training information:
  •  The IPC-A-610E, “The Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies”
  •  The Certified IPC Specialist test handbooks
  •  IPC-A-610E Certified IPC Trainer certificate
  •  IPC-T-50 Terms and Definitions

All course participants can avail of post course support, with advice and guidance
available at all times from a Master IPC Trainer

Course Fee

Please contact the Network Manager, Catherine Lenehan (e-mail: catherine.lenehan@gltechnology.ie) for details of course fees.

A discount is available to organisations who send more than 2 participants.

This fee includes all course materials & refreshments.


Please register for attendance at the course by contacting the Network Manager, Catherine Lenehan by e-mail:  catherine.lenehan@gltechnology.ie

Contact & Directions

This course will be held in Ballina/Killaloe, Co. Tipperary. Please contact us if
accommodation is required.


The training course instructors are Master IPC trainers and are internationally recognised experts and in the field of IPC training.

Course Syllabus

Please e-mail: catherine.lenehan@gltechnology.ie for a copy of the course syllabus available on request.


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