IPC-7711B/7721B Certified IPC Trainer Course

Date: On-Going – Please contact Network Manager for Latest Course Dates


IPC-7711/7721B is a widely used manual consisting of industry recommended and approved procedures for rework, repair and modification of  electronic assemblies. It includes guidance with regards to procedure selection  for removal and resoldering of SMT and PTH components, ECO wiring, and Pad and  track repair. It covers procedural requirements, tools, materials and methods  for removing and replacing conformal coatings, surface mount and through-hole  components. The standard also includes procedures for repairing and modifying boards and assemblies. In addition, it is now updated with additional support
for lead free, BGAs and flex-print repairs.

Course Objectives

  • The IPC-7711B/7721B Certified IPC Trainer program allows a member of your company to become an expert in this practical Rework and Repair standard through comprehensive training provided by a Master IPC Trainer.
  • All theoretical aspects of the standard are discussed in detail and practical demonstrations are given by an experienced Instructor.
  • Course participants are given an opportunity to learn new practical skills to ensure that rework and repair is done right first time. Training can be provided with Tin/Lead or Lead Free materials at your request.
  • Upon completion of this course, your trainer will be qualified to train, educate & certify members of your organisation in the IPC standard, providing them with the
    necessary skills, knowledge and expertise to improve the productivity, quality
    and profitability of your operations.
  • All course participants can avail of post course support, with advice and guidance
    available at all times from a Master IPC Trainer

Who should Attend? 

  • IPC 7711B/7721B practicioners who are required to train operators to the IPC standard in their company.

Course Fee

Please contact the Network Manager, Catherine Lenehan (e-mail: catherine.lenehan@gltechnology.ie) for details of course fees.

A discount is available to organisations who send more than 2 participants.

This fee includes all course materials & refreshments.


Please register for attendance at the course by contacting the Network Manager, Catherine Lenehan by e-mail:  catherine.lenehan@gltechnology.ie

Contact & Directions

This course will be held in Ballina/Killaloe, Co. Tipperary. Please contact us if
accommodation is required.


The training course instructors are Master IPC trainers and are internationally recognised experts and in the field of IPC training.

Course Syllabus

Please e-mail: catherine.lenehan@gltechnology.ie for a copy of the course syllabus available on request.


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