ISS Payloads Design and Operations Safety

Date: To Be Announced

Venue: To Be Announced


An introductory course in Payoad Safety for managers and engineers new to ISS payload safety analysis principles and processes and for safety practitioners with no previous space projects experience. The participants will acquire an overall understanding of ISS payload safety analyis principles and requirements and how to apply them to achieve a successful Payload Safety Review Panel submission and increase productivity in space projects. This course is being provided by leading experts in ISS Payload Safety from the International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety ( as part of the IAASS Space Safety Academy

Course Objectives

The course is designed to provide the participant with an understanding of:

  • Key role of management in the payload safety objectives for the organisation, how to establish policy, organisation and allocate responsibilities.
  • Formal payload safety analysis systems and processes including ESA & NASA requirements and standards;
  • Need for a Payload Safety review process and relationship to contractual PA and QA Plans;
  • Payload Safety analysis in hardware developments. Specifications, qualifications, procurement control, support to project reviews, configuration management, verification and formal acceptance;
  • Hazard indentifcation and control;
  • Flight Safety requirement;
  • Ground Safety requirements;
  • Operational Safety requirements;
  • Preparing for and submitting a successful Payload Safety Review Panel presentation.

Who should Attend?

  • Managers and engineers who are new to qPayload Safety analysis and PSRP principles and processes for space projects
  • Safety Assurance practicioners with no previous space projects experience

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